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You have been invited to participate in the QLogic Connection web site. This web site provides you with access to product, sales and support information which is not otherwise generally available. Because QLogic values our relationship, we have some basic rules governing access to our Connection web site. If you agree to the requirements set forth below, please click the “I Accept” button below and you will be granted access to the web site. Thank you for your support of QLogic products and services.

In exchange for being granted access to the QLogic Connection web site, I agree as follows:

  1. I will only purchase QLogic products from an Authorized Source. “Authorized Source” means a distributor that is authorized by QLogic to redistribute our products and services. These distributors are identified on our web site.
  2. I will not sell Non-Genuine QLogic Products. “Non-Genuine QLogic Products” means (i)any product or service to which a QLogic trademark has been affixed without QLogic’s consent; (ii) any product being sold as a QLogic product that has not been manufactured by QLogic or by a manufacturer licensed by QLogic to produce the product; (iii) any product that has been produced with the intent to counterfeit or imitate a genuine QLogic product; or (iv) any product on which the copyright notice, trademark, serial number or other product identified have been removed, altered or destroyed.