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Five Year Warranty

The Industry's Best Warranty for the Industry's Best Products!


Register your eligible QLogic adapters now for a free two year extension to the standard three year QLogic limited warranty coverage. This free program gives you an unprecedented five years total coverage - more protection than you can get from any other adapter provider!


If you have already registered, click here to update your information.

Program Overview
  Why Five Years?
QLogic adapters are not only acknowledged for performance, functionality and ease of use - they are also 100 percent more reliable than competitive products. QLogic stands behind our proven quality by offering five years of comprehensive warranty coverage free of charge.


  Which Models are Eligible?
The five year program applies to the QLogic adapters listed below. Products must be purchased by an End User from authorized QLogic VARs and Resellers. QLogic products purchased through OEM providers are not covered by this program; warranties for OEM products are handled directly by the OEM vendor. This promotional offer is subject to change without notice. See the registration page for details.

Fibre Channel Adapters

  • QLE2562-E-SP
  • QLE2560-E-SP
  • QLE2562-CK
  • QLE2560-CK
  • QLA2340-CK
  • QLA2340L-CK
  • QLA2342-CK
  • QLA2342L-CK
  • QLE2690-SR-CK
  • QLE2694L-SR-CK
  • QLE2742-SR-CK

  • QLA2340-E-SP
  • QLA2342-E-SP
  • QLA2460-CK
  • QLA2462-CK
  • QLA2460-E-SP
  • QLA2462-E-SP
  • QLE2360-CK
  • QLE2362-CK
  • QLE2692-SR-CK
  • QLE2694U-SR-CK
  • QLE2764-SR-CK

  • QLE2360-E-SP
  • QLE2460-CK
  • QLE2462-CK
  • QLE2460-E-SP
  • QLE2462-E-SP
  • QLE2362-E-SP
  • QLE2670-CK
  • QLE2672-CK
  • QLE2694-SR-CK
  • QLE2740-SR-CK
Intelligent Ethernet Adapters and Converged Network Adapters purchased after November 11, 2011

  • QLE3240-SR-CK
  • QLE3240-LR-CK
  • QLE3242-CU-CK
  • QLE8360-CU-CK
  • QLE8362-SR-CK

  • QLE3242-SR-CK
  • QLE3242-LR-CK
  • QLE8240-CU-CK
  • QLE8362-CU-CK

  • QLE8240-SR-CK
  • QLE8242-CU-CK
  • QLE8242-SR-CK
  • QLE8360-SR-CK


  No Additional Costs
Most adapter manufacturers offer limited warranties that expire in one to three years, leaving you with little or no product protection for the long term. QLogic's warranty extension program gives you the opportunity to obtain coverage for two additional years after the conclusion of the standard manufacturer's warranty-without spending a dime.


  How and When do I Register?
Eligible QLogic Products may be registered by End Users within 90 days of purchase.
  • To register online, click here.
  • If you have already registered, click here to update your information.